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Tailor-Made Solutions for Each Specific Client

Before starting any project, the company performs a detailed study of the needs of the local communities. Utilizing its in-house extensive experience and know-how together with its long-term partners, Ossi Yeto strives to achieve and implement the most suitable solution for each specific situation.

We strengthen our clients

Ossi Yeto seeks to promote the local autonomy, leaving every project in the hands of local authorities, which, after receiving training from the company, will be able to operate and maintain the project throughout its life cycle.

MAN Representative

Ossi Yeto signed an agreement with MAN Energy Solutions to officially represent MAN in Angola. This contract gives the exclusive right to provide maintenance services to all MAN engines already installed in Angola.

Seven Diesel PowerStation with MAN engines are in operation in Angola, with a total power of 50 engines with a total power of 200 MW.

Ossi Yeto
Grupo Mitrelli
Alliance for Rural Electrification