Project Energy for All

One of the main priorities of Ossi Yeto is to develop projects in the area of renewable energies.

Recently Ossi Yeto has been working in a pilot mini grid project to enable the implementation of renewable energy systems in rural areas, completely off-grid.

Based on the solar resources as a reliable clean source of energy, the system combines the installation of solar panels, storage batteries, and a backup diesel generator, utilizing affordable and green energy from the PV source, while still getting reliable energy supply from the diesel generator source and the batteries backup, for continuous rainy days with extreme conditions.

This solution can fit the specific needs of each location due to the scalability and flexibility of the system. It is a modular system that can be adapted in accordance with the load demands.

In the first stage, it provides sustainable electrical power to the main community facilities (such as schools and health units) in the rural villages, and afterward, the target is to connect as well the households to these mini-grids.

The technical simplicity of this system and the easiness to install and maintain it make it an ideal solution for rural areas. Ossi Yeto target is to expand it to other rural areas of Angola and other countries in Africa.