Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo Electrification Project

The Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo (SGWK) electrification project aims to expand the Angolan national electricity transmission network, namely into rural areas, enabling a greater number of households, as well as factories, schools and medical facilities to have access to grid-provided electricity. The social and economic impact of the Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo project is immense.

By connecting more than 150,000 Angolans living in remote villages to the national electrical grid, the project replaces inefficient and costly diesel-powered generation with a reliable source of power generation. There is a great and direct impact in the local communities since it allows to improve the standard of living of individual citizens and families.

It also creates a very positive effect on business development due to the subsequent economic growth and the resultant creation of new jobs and further investments.

The aim of the SGWK electrification project is to expand the Angolan electricity transmission grid into rural areas of Angola and the scale of construction in this project is very significant. It comprises the assembly of more than 330 km of overhead transmission lines, out of which 255km are high-voltage and 75km low-voltage. The project includes, as well, the construction of five new substations in several regions of the Kwanza Sul province.

The SGWK project enables the delivery of constant energy to populations that were living in the dark, bringing new opportunities to the rural communities. It allows us to connect isolated people to a reliable source of power.

Installation of new telecommunications system in 6 existing substations taking advantage of the optical line install in the overhead power lines. This allows communication via Radio, data and voice, as the tele operation of the substations through SCADA.